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Zentrum für angewandte Psycho- und Patholinguistik Potsdam

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The staff of ZAPP Potsdam are speech therapists with many years of experience in research and clinical practise

They are involved in professional associations. The ZAPP Potsdam and ZAPP Berlin centres cooperate with the patholinguistics programme at the University of Potsdam.

They receice scientific support from the professorship for patholinguistics, neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics.

Diagnostics and therapies for speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders

ZAPP Potsdam offers adults and children individual, comprehensive and disorder-specific diagnosis and therapy of speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders as well as targeted learning therapy treatment of reading and spelling disorders. Individual treatment is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of speech therapists and patholinguistics and can be billed to the health insurance fund. Informational interviews are possible at any time.

The ZAPP Potsdam

  • is a supra-regional clinical speech therapy and logopaedic facility for diagnostics, counselling, therapy and further training in disorders of speech, language, voice and swallowing. The services offered by ZAPP are aimed at children, adolescents and adults.
  • is oriented towards the latest national and international research findings and has a high standard of diagnostic and therapeutic options at its disposal.
  • cooperates with interdisciplinary partners from the fields of linguistics, medicine, psychology and education.
  • works on the basis of the cognitive-neurolinguistic approach, which is based on findings about normal and disturbed language processing.
  • defines quality standards in the field of speech therapy intervention, the regular evaluation of which is guaranteed by the university connection.
  • develops computer-based expert systems for use in diagnosis and therapy
  • is a cooperation partner for the clinical training of students in the patholinguistics programme at the University of Potsdam.

Treatment at ZAPP Potsdam requires a prescription from a doctor. Paediatricians, neurologists, ENT doctors, phoniatrists (specialists in voice and speech therapy), orthodontists, general practitioners and general practitioners are all authorised to prescribe treatment.

ZAPP Potsdam treats patients from all statutory health insurance funds and private patients. As a rule, the statutory health insurance funds cover the costs of therapy. Persons over the age of 18 with statutory health insurance must make a co-payment if they are not exempt from co-payments. For private patients, the assumption of costs by the private health insurance depends individually on the health insurance contract concluded.

Mitarbeiterin des ZAPP am Computer

technical managment:

Astrid Fröhling, Logopädin


Dr. Annegret Klassert, Dipl. Patholinguistin
Karen Shatov, Dipl. Patholinguistin
Ulrike Marian, Logopädin & Patholinguistin (M.A.)
Henrik Froese, Dipl. Patholinguist
Dr. Daniela Radau, Sprachheilpädagogin (M.A.)
Susan Richter, Dipl. Patholinguistin.
Alina Rimmer , Patholinguistin (B.Sc.), Magister in philologischer Bildung
Franziska Klier, klinische Linguistin (M.A.)
Dr. phil. Ulrike Frank, Dipl. Patholinguistin
Katarina Cuprjak, Patholinguistin (B. Sc.)

ZAPP Potsdam

Astrid Fröhling, Logopädin

Palais am Stadtkanal
Am Kanal 16-18, 14467 Potsdam
Telefon 0331/ 275 50 67
Mobile 01736093069


ZAPP Berlin

Dr. Jenny von Frankenberg, Dipl. Patholinguistin

Frankfurter Allee 63
10247 Berlin
Telefon 030/ 420 83 562


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